Product updates

New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.7

  • Combined visitor counts for SafeEntry NRIC and QR
  • Enhanced UI to support selection of QR App ID
  • Faster ways to retrieve login details
  • Secure login with Captcha
  • Bug fixes

New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.6


New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.5


New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.3

  • Bug Fixes
  • UI updates to improve desktop and tablet support for scanner page
  • Security upgrades for branch code

New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.2

  • Bug fixes
  • UI updates to business dashboard
  • Secure login with new 8-character branch code

New in SafeEntry NRIC v1.0.1


SafeEntry has been redesigned to be better and enhanced for greater security.

New in SafeEntry v1.0.1
  • UI updates to improve camera-based scanning
  • Now supporting construction sites and sites without postal codes
  • Use postal code to populate address
  • Business premise is now business branch